I am really lucky to have four parents

As a teenager, I was angry. I mean, I was pissed off ALL THE TIME. I was unwilling to accept the new parents in my life. I said awful things. I was a giant brat. As an adult, my opinions are much different. While the last of my four parents became official when I was already eighteen, I have learned something important from each of my parents.  I am lucky enough to have parents that are all different. Each has different knowledge and different skills. Each has different wisdom and a different personality. I think the best way to explain this is by parent, so here goes. Janette (bio mom): She taught me how to be strong. I was old enough to know what was happening when my parents got divorced. I watched as my mom figured out how to make the money stretch and learned a great deal about money and responsibility. I helped my mom with little household maintenance and upgrades. We participated in the siding of our four bedroom house, we put up ceiling fans, and we did some simple plumbin

Top 10 worst times to get a tattoo

I love tattoos. I always have. They are becoming more socially acceptable and you may be surprised to find out how many people you know that are inked these days. My mom used to have issues with tattoos. Now all of her children have tats. It is comforting that in case of tragedy, there is one less thing to worry about. We had a tragedy several years ago where a tattoo could have saved some serious emotional trauma. I always tell my children, who happen to have five inked parents among them, that there is a reason you have to be a certain age to get tattoos. If I had gotten mine when I started getting into body art at fourteen, I would hate a few of my pieces. As an adult, I have given my work more thoughtful consideration. Other than while you are yet a minor, there are some times when getting a tattoo probably isn't the best idea:     1. When you are mourning : Memorial tattoos can be a beautiful tribute and even aid in the healing process, BUT it is better to wait until the

What happily ever after really looks like.

I am one of the lucky ones. I truly got my happily-ever-after. No, my life was not written by Disney. Yes, I know that some of those stories portray an unrealistic bliss. Whether or not you believe that everything will work out like a fairy tale, you may not have a real grasp on what forever really means.  1. People are gross.  I jokingly tell my girls all the time that boys are gross. Truth is, PEOPLE are gross. Think about the functions of the human body for just a minute. Eww. Women might even be more disgusting than men. Menstruation comes to mind. Let's not even get started on the fact that many people are not great at rinsing out the tub or sink after they shave. I have never been one to fart in front of people, but I am the minority there. I strongly recommend stocking up on smell-goods (spray, wax pots, etc.) for every room! 2. You won't agree on everything. Josh and I are very well-suited for each other. That doesn't mean we agree all the time. We have dif

Is it just me or is choosing wedding attendants slightly cruel?

For me, choosing the woman that would stand up with me was easy. I have one really good female friend that I knew would be able to come. Done. Most of my friends are guys. A lot of my gal pals are in some way related to my ex-husband. I agreed that, to avoid awkwardness, I wouldn't invite anyone in my ex's family.  My husband, did not have such an easy task to contend with. People love him. He has a plethora of close friends. Initially, the choice was easy. His best friend since college, and the man whose wedding brought us together, declined. That guy is my brother. He hadn't quite wrapped his head around the situation. I completely understand. Despite wishing my husband could have his best friend standing next to him on  his wedding day, I understand why my brother wasn't up to the task.  Not having my brother put my husband in a terrible spot. He has three brothers and more close friends than we could fit in our wedding space. He has been in several w

My grandfather died while I was waiting for you

I used to make custom blankets. I stopped doing that. I stopped, because people are the worst people you will ever meet.  A few months ago, I made three custom blankets for a woman I met at a craft fair. When it was time to pick them up, she stopped responding to my calls and messages. I was out $60 just in fabric. I needed what she was going to pay me. I was going to use it to go spend the last moments with one of the dearest men I have ever known. I wanted one last chance to say goodbye. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and that no matter what biology says, he would always be "Grandpa". If you read my blog regularly, you know that blood has never mattered and my family doesn't care about genetics. That carried-over into my family of procreation. (I think that is what it is called.) This wasn't the first time that I got stiffed, but it was the last. I quit. No more dealing with people who don't understand what I am saying. No more dealing with c

3K view giveaway

Some of you may already know that I am about to hit 3,000 views on my blog. WooHoo!!!  When I hit 3,000, I will draw the name of one of my followers. That person will win a prize! For every 100 followers I have when I hit the mark, I will draw a name. That means, the more followers, the more chances to win. 

Why I don't mind the way my kids changed body

My kids made my boobs smaller. A LOT smaller. I have stretch marks all over the place. Nothing seems to be in its original position. I am totally okay with this. A lot of women get down on themselves for the way their mom bods look. Not this mom. Thank you kids! Each "flaw" is a battle scar.  Let's get this out of the way, right now: your partner doesn't care! If the child(ren) that changed your body, are children you share with that person, they probably share my opinion. Those are battle scars from the creation of your beloved little ones. You have created life. That is a big deal! Not everyone is physically capable of doing what you already have. If your partner is not the other parent, remember this: you created life and that is a big deal! I remember what it was like, thinking "nobody wants this train wreck". Truth is, mom hips are sexy. Your post-baby partner never saw you without your marks, and they fell in love with you. You are the only one th