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Yes, I AM friends with my exes.

Many people find it strange that I maintain contact with my exes. They happen to be some of my closest friends. For anyone that has ever asked, "Why?" or said, "You are a nicer/stronger person than I am." here it is: 1. There is a reason I was with them in the first place. That doesn't go away just because reasons exist that we couldn't make forever work. This is true for every relationship. I realize that some people change. I know that things come out the longer you are with someone. I am fully aware that sometimes the flaws outweigh the strengths. I simply believe that if the good is still there, a friendship makes sense. 2. They know me pretty well. When you spend a lot of time with someone, they learn things about you. I am not the best at making friends. That means when I find a person who can read between the lines, I keep them around. 3. They have seen things. They have seen my ups and downs and no how to handle them. That means, when I