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To the "nonparents" that are still the best parents we know...

As I scroll through all of the lovely Dad day posts from yesterday, I just want to say this: I am incredibly blessed to have grown up in a family where blood doesn't make you family. For generations, I have seen amazing parents that didn't have to take on the roles they chose. I have seen men father children with no genetic ties. I have seen women mother children that never grew in their womb. I have watched regular people become super-heros in the eyes of the children they raise. There is some adoption in my family. Adoption is a blessing beyond words (for the child AND the adopting parents), but adoption is more recognized. Even though there is a huge number of people that know what I am talking about, people don't talk about it quite as much. I am talking about parents who don't get the recognition. I am talking about families with hearts of giants. I am talking about step-parents, foster parents, mentors, etc. I am talking about families that accept new members a