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To the woman stuffing her face in the parking lot:

Today I needed peanut butter for no-bake cookies, and a matress pad for our hide-a-bed. We have company coming and last time I slept on that thing I was stabbed all night by springs. So, I ran to the friendly, neighborhood Walmart. I rarely do this. I order everything online for delivery. I order groceries, diapers, tampons, toilet paper, stamps... Seriously, if it can be delivered to your house, I don't leave home for it. It is just plain difficult with two toddlers. For those of you that leave the house with small children, I salute you! Today, my husband was home to hang out with the kids. WooHoo!! I digress. So, I am getting ready to leave the parking lot, and this woman is sitting in her van, all alone. She obviously has children: there are various child safety seats in her vehicle. She appears to fumble with something in her lap for a moment and the shoves an entire mini muffin in her mouth. She closes her eyes and enjoys what is, likely, a rare treat for such a mother. She d