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Thank you U.S. Supreme Court!

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling. Same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 United States! Now, if you have read my stuff before, you know that I am married to an incredible man. Had I not met this incredible man I am married to, I would now be married to a woman (now that it is legal in my state). I have a beautiful friend. She and I have known each other for about 16 years and I love her to pieces. Same sex marriage does not effect me directly because I am already married. Many things could be different in my life if this decision had been made a few years ago. I am glad things are the way they are. I am very happy in my life. If marriage equality had moved faster, I would not be where I am. This ruling does effect me indirectly. So many of my loved ones are LGBT. Several lovely ladies I know have gone to neighboring states to marry their wives. Many of my family members are LGBT. I can't wait to attend their weddings! I saw pictures in papers and news feeds of

My tattoos DO NOT make me less of a person!

I keep seeing all this trash about how tattooed parents are more likely to introduce their kids to drugs and abuse/neglect their children among other unsavory things. Let me start with: HAHAHAHAHA! Are you people freakin' kidding me!? I have seen tattooed people fight for their kids like their own lives depended on it. I have seen tattooed people adopt children and give those kids (especially foster children) amazing lives they could only dream about. I have seen tattooed aunts and uncles who are fantastic playmates for their nieces and nephews. A tattooed woman once found my children's lost baby books and tracked me down on Facebook to return them to me. I have several tattoos and so does my husband. We don't do drugs. We rarely drink. The children are well cared for in every way. We attend parent teacher conferences. We attend school concerts and other events. We have open conversations with the children. We show them love every day. They are in no way abused and they h