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I'm sorry I am driving you nuts. I'm trying to reach a goal.

We all know someone in direct sales that advertises WAY too often. I can be one of those. On behalf of all of us, I'm sorry. We panic. We don't mean to be irritating or overbearing.  Let me explain why we do it. 1. We are trying to stay active. Many companies require that you sell so much to remain a consultant. 2. We need to close a party that flopped. Many of us need a certain amount in sales to close a party and some of your party orders aren't submitted until the party closes. We don't want anybody to have to wait. That makes us look bad. That means we have to pay the shipping difference for every order (that can be $10 each!) or find enough orders to close the party, and quick! 3. We really need the money. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but have you ever had a car payment due and you had no idea how to get the last $100 you needed?  You do what it takes. 4. We are panicking about the amount of inventory or the amount of time we have had it