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Today I cried over chicken strips.

I am not joking or exaggerating. I was sitting in a hospital room with my nearly-two-year-old. He has electrodes covering his head. He is cranky and clingy. We are going to be here a couple of days. He hates being here. I can't let him run loose like I normally do. We are 3 hours from home. It is pretty much a horrible situation. The nurses here are AMAZING. They are the women you absolutely want to be there when you are in the hospital. Sadly, the food service is not spectacular. The food is great (when we get what I asked for). I never got what I asked for. Not one time during our stay, did I get the correct food the first time. This is frustrating. Probably not the real issue, but here I am, sobbing like a toddler. I am exhausted. My kid is too. I just want some chicken strips for my little boy. Neither of us have slept. We are in a strange place. We are uncomfortable... and bored... and lonely. Can we just get the food we ordered!? I would like to say that this is an isolated