Why I don't mind the way my kids changed body

My kids made my boobs smaller. A LOT smaller. I have stretch marks all over the place. Nothing seems to be in its original position. I am totally okay with this. A lot of women get down on themselves for the way their mom bods look. Not this mom. Thank you kids! Each "flaw" is a battle scar. 
Let's get this out of the way, right now: your partner doesn't care! If the child(ren) that changed your body, are children you share with that person, they probably share my opinion. Those are battle scars from the creation of your beloved little ones. You have created life. That is a big deal! Not everyone is physically capable of doing what you already have.
If your partner is not the other parent, remember this: you created life and that is a big deal! I remember what it was like, thinking "nobody wants this train wreck". Truth is, mom hips are sexy. Your post-baby partner never saw you without your marks, and they fell in love with you.
You are the only one that hates those beautiful stripes.
I have a raging scar from three c-sections. That scar is a beautiful birth mark. The first time I got that line, it kept my little boy from being seriously injured during birth. The second time was scheduled to be routine, but it wasn't. Sky came early and that second scar get her out. Her heart rate was insane and she never would have tolerated labor for a v-bac. The third was a similar situation. Ry wasn't handling the contractions after my water broke at home. Even though you can really only see the trauma of one of those births, Three scars exist, and I am DAMN PROUD of each one. My doctors did what was necessary for my child's safety. For anyone that says, "a c-section isn't giving birth", or "the easy way out": NO, it is FAR WORSE! The ride home was excruciating! A man had his hands INSIDE my body. The second section happened to be performed by someone I remember from high school. Glad I didn't hang out with that nerd. *sarcasm* That would be awkward. Seriously, though, I love that man to pieces. He is the best doctor I have ever met and I wish I still lived close enough to go to him when I need medical attention.
My boobs are the smallest they have been since Jr. High. WOOHOO!! I can buy cute bras again! The extra weight doesn't cause extra back pain. They don't get in the way of daily activities. So what if they are slightly deflated. I am at pretty high risk of requiring a mastectomy later in life, so, "Hey Doc, you're welcome."
Ladies, love your battle scars. You are a tiger and your stripes are BEAUTIFUL! The changes your body went through to create life do not make you less attractive. Can't lose the baby weight? WHO CARES! Only you. What you don't see is how beautiful you are to someone else. I hope, one day, you will see the magnificence that is you and your "Mom body".

You are loved, you are beautiful, and if you believe it, you will see it!

Thanks for reading! 


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