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Dear Doc, A letter to pediatricians.

Dear Doctor treating me like a new mom, I have 8 children. I have been in the pediatrician's office a LOT. It is hard for me to find a doctor that I like. I am giving you a chance on my quest for good doctors and you are failing me. I get that you went to school forever and a day but I am not an idiot. Yes, I know the general guidelines for child development and I have since child number three. When I tell you that my fifth child is hyperactive or overly emotional, it is because he is #5! It is not normal 6 year old behavior. I had four others that were nuts, but within "normal". Number 8 is huge for his age. I know this because he is bigger than the other seven were who were high on the scale but still on it. My kid is sick. I know this because I have seen this illness starting before. To the ER doctor who didn't listen to me when I said, "I am pretty sure it is the croup" and 3 hours later tells me it is in fact croup: you could have saved us both a