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I am really lucky to have four parents

As a teenager, I was angry. I mean, I was pissed off ALL THE TIME. I was unwilling to accept the new parents in my life. I said awful things. I was a giant brat. As an adult, my opinions are much different. While the last of my four parents became official when I was already eighteen, I have learned something important from each of my parents.  I am lucky enough to have parents that are all different. Each has different knowledge and different skills. Each has different wisdom and a different personality. I think the best way to explain this is by parent, so here goes. Janette (bio mom): She taught me how to be strong. I was old enough to know what was happening when my parents got divorced. I watched as my mom figured out how to make the money stretch and learned a great deal about money and responsibility. I helped my mom with little household maintenance and upgrades. We participated in the siding of our four bedroom house, we put up ceiling fans, and we did some simple plumbin