My tattoos DO NOT make me less of a person!

I keep seeing all this trash about how tattooed parents are more likely to introduce their kids to drugs and abuse/neglect their children among other unsavory things. Let me start with: HAHAHAHAHA! Are you people freakin' kidding me!?

I have seen tattooed people fight for their kids like their own lives depended on it. I have seen tattooed people adopt children and give those kids (especially foster children) amazing lives they could only dream about. I have seen tattooed aunts and uncles who are fantastic playmates for their nieces and nephews. A tattooed woman once found my children's lost baby books and tracked me down on Facebook to return them to me. I have several tattoos and so does my husband. We don't do drugs. We rarely drink. The children are well cared for in every way. We attend parent teacher conferences. We attend school concerts and other events. We have open conversations with the children. We show them love every day. They are in no way abused and they have everything they need and then some.

Non-tattooed people are not always perfect, neither are Christians. I know a few sex offenders (convicted and not) that have no ink. A man I know very well was exposed to meth as a teenager. His mother exposed him and shared with him! She does not have tattoos. I think of all of the terrible things done in the "name of God" like the religious compounds full of 40 year old men marrying 12 year old girls (often more than one). I have a 12 year old daughter. There is no way on God's green earth that I would allow that! My son in law would be my elder! I have seen drug dealers/addicts, murderers, rapists, and many other horrible people who claim to be Christian and/or have no tattoos at all.

Now, the truth of the matter: I am a Christian. I do my best to share God's love everywhere I go. I am not perfect. Anyone who claims to be perfect is mistaken or just plain lying. I have tattoos and I am married to a tattooed man. I love my children; biological, adopted, and step (current and past). I am not the devil. I will never give my kids drugs. I will never abuse my children. I will always provide for my children their basic needs and anything else I possibly can. I do not lie or cheat or steal. I uphold the teachings of the Bible to the best of my ability.
People are just people. I wish everyone could understand that. We are all different and we are all the same. We all bleed red and we all have different strengths, abilities, and shortcomings. The ink on my skin does not change who I am on the inside. It only shows the world a little of what lies beneath the surface. I am no less intelligent, compassionate, parental, or optimistic because I bear artwork on my flesh. There are horrible people of every kind; white collar, blue collar, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, tall, short, overweight, underweight, educated, uneducated, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, tattooed, or without ink. Those people are horrible because they choose to be horrible, not because of any group they belong to. All of these groups have good people as well. The good people are not good because of their group. They choose to be good people!

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Don't judge lest ye be judged. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. For the love of all that is Holy, stop acting like you know a person unless you have actually gotten to know them! Stop blaming sex, religion, orientation, ink (or lack of), or any other nonsense for the junk in your head. Show a little love and get to know people!!

Thanks for reading!


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