To the "nonparents" that are still the best parents we know...

As I scroll through all of the lovely Dad day posts from yesterday, I just want to say this: I am incredibly blessed to have grown up in a family where blood doesn't make you family.
For generations, I have seen amazing parents that didn't have to take on the roles they chose. I have seen men father children with no genetic ties. I have seen women mother children that never grew in their womb. I have watched regular people become super-heros in the eyes of the children they raise.
There is some adoption in my family. Adoption is a blessing beyond words (for the child AND the adopting parents), but adoption is more recognized.
Even though there is a huge number of people that know what I am talking about, people don't talk about it quite as much. I am talking about parents who don't get the recognition. I am talking about families with hearts of giants. I am talking about step-parents, foster parents, mentors, etc. I am talking about families that accept new members as their own.
Blessed are those who know what I mean!
For men, like my husband, my fathers, and my grandfather, who took on sibling groups as their own, never seeking glory: Thank you! You may not know it, but you have made an impact, and your children and grandchildren are better for having known you. No matter where their loyalties lie, you are important, and loved beyond words.
For women like my mom (the second one) and my cousin, who take on the step-mom role and turn it into something beautiful: we know your job is hard, and we are grateful for all the love and wisdom you have given us. Even though we need to be loyal to our first moms, we love you!
Even if you don't always feel the love, it is strong. Your job is important. You are a role model for a child and kids can never have too many positive influences. So, if you are feeling like you don't matter, DON'T. Just because you don't fit the traditional mold of parenting, or you don't have the title that fits the day, the children you love, see you as more than you may realize.
Happy Day to all of you playing the role, no matter your title! Lots of love from me and the children in your lives.

If you have a person in your life that helped shape you, let them know they matter.

Thank you for reading!


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