I'm sorry I am driving you nuts. I'm trying to reach a goal.

We all know someone in direct sales that advertises WAY too often. I can be one of those. On behalf of all of us, I'm sorry. We panic. We don't mean to be irritating or overbearing. 

Let me explain why we do it.

1. We are trying to stay active. Many companies require that you sell so much to remain a consultant.
2. We need to close a party that flopped. Many of us need a certain amount in sales to close a party and some of your party orders aren't submitted until the party closes. We don't want anybody to have to wait. That makes us look bad. That means we have to pay the shipping difference for every order (that can be $10 each!) or find enough orders to close the party, and quick!
3. We really need the money. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but have you ever had a car payment due and you had no idea how to get the last $100 you needed?  You do what it takes.
4. We are panicking about the amount of inventory or the amount of time we have had it. Not everyone, but some direct sales consultants have inventory. A lot of products sell better if they are available right now. If you see something every day, it is easy to start thinking you will never sell it. Those things also cost money. We want to put that money back into our budgets.
5. We have a sales goal we need to meet in order to do that special thing we have been dying to do. Direct sales, for my family, pay for our fun stuff. If I want to take my kids to a museum, direct sales pay for that. If we want a pool pass, direct sales pay for that. My daughters want to go to DC with their 8th grade classes. You guessed it, direct sales will pay for that. Some of the fun extras, are just that, extras. They aren't in the regular budget, so we can't always use "regular" money for that.

I know, I know. We all have our own things, but here is why you SHOULD buy or host with your friend (and if you host, actively participate):

1. You get free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff!? The higher your party total, the more FREE STUFF you get.
2. You do me a favor, you just might need one in return. Friends extend favors to one another. It is what we do.
3. We support our loved ones. If your loved one was sick, would you check-in, or at least wish them well? You would congratulate someone on a new baby, or a wedding. You might even send a gift. Shouldn't their business be the same? Your gift to us is your business and sharing our product with other people.
4. You were probably going to buy a similar product anyway. I know what you are thinking. "I can get it cheaper." Sure, I can buy cosmetics at the drug store, but they aren't the same quality and they probably won't last as long. Are they cruelty free? Are they free of the irritants in most cosmetics? I can get a purse for less, but it probably won't last as long, either. Most direct sales products are made well and definitely worth the money. Plus, several companies offer a guarantee.
5. Finally, helping us in our businesses is helping our families. While direct sales companies have CEO's, most direct sellers make better money at a party than a day at a "regular job". Many are stay-at-home-moms with no other personal income. Supporting our businesses helps our families. We use that money to buy jeans because we spend our money on our kids. We get Christmas presents for our spouses without them knowing what we got them. We save for emergencies. We pay off debt. Those that do well, stop the 9-5 grind and do incredible things in their businesses.

We aren't trying to make you crazy or drive you away. We just need your help. We love to watch you succeed and we need amazing friends, family, and customers to succeed, ourselves. It takes a village; not only to raise a child, but to raise the bar.

Thank you for reading!

If you would like to check out my current direct sales, here are my links. Be sure to order under a party!


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