To the woman stuffing her face in the parking lot:

Today I needed peanut butter for no-bake cookies, and a matress pad for our hide-a-bed. We have company coming and last time I slept on that thing I was stabbed all night by springs. So, I ran to the friendly, neighborhood Walmart. I rarely do this. I order everything online for delivery. I order groceries, diapers, tampons, toilet paper, stamps... Seriously, if it can be delivered to your house, I don't leave home for it. It is just plain difficult with two toddlers. For those of you that leave the house with small children, I salute you! Today, my husband was home to hang out with the kids. WooHoo!! I digress. So, I am getting ready to leave the parking lot, and this woman is sitting in her van, all alone. She obviously has children: there are various child safety seats in her vehicle. She appears to fumble with something in her lap for a moment and the shoves an entire mini muffin in her mouth. She closes her eyes and enjoys what is, likely, a rare treat for such a mother. She did this twice more before pulling out of her parking spot, mouth full of delicious baked goods.
This woman was me. Don't judge me. I really don't get treats often and even more rarely do I get away with eating anything and not sharing. The muffins were incredible! I hit the clearance bakery items like a ton of bricks (another reason I don't go to the grocery store anymore). I savored every moment of my sweet treats. To all the moms sitting in the parking lot, stuffing their faces with treats while they have a moment alone, you are in good company. This is normal. This is healthy. Many of us can't get a moment to shower or pee alone, so these little moments of peace should be taken advantage of! You are not crazy, or gross, or even alone, in this. Enjoy your muffin (or soda, or salty snack) proudly. You sacrifice every day for your family. You deserve this!

Thanks for reading!!


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