The everyday bravery of a mother

I know I have been AWOL for a couple weeks. Business is booming. In case I haven't mentioned it before, I have many jobs. I love writing for you all. It is one of my favorite escapes from my everyday duties. I have been making sugar scrubs, lotions, shampoo/body wash, room/ linen/ body spray, hand sanitizer, and  baby blankets. I stopped using Etsy for blankets because it is too hard to communicate details through an email. The change hasn't effected my business and that is fantastic!
I sell Inspired Jewel Interchangeable Jewelry. This stuff is friggin' sweet! The jewels change so you can change your look in a snap.
I sell Pure Romance. I am currently in a booking blitz with every other consultant that does what I do. Each team is charged with booking as many parties as possible in a week. This is not as easy as it sounds! If you haven't heard of Pure Romance, I invite you to check it out at . I dabble in It Works, as well. For the record, the wraps have done wonders for my muffin top. I just don't meet a lot of people, so it is harder to find customers. Besides, how do you say, "Try this wrap. It is amazing!" without them hearing, "hey fatty, this will make you skinny"? If you would like to check that out, go to
Two of my jobs have ended in the last few months. A company, I was keeping books for, has gone away. If you don't know how the trucking industry works, just know that it is insane how much it costs to replace an engine in a semi!
Now to the actual point of this post. I was doing some daycare but the woman whose munchkins I was caring for, has switched jobs. I say good for her! She is expecting number three and she was driving over an hour one way to get to me and her job. I love babies. I would have adored having her new princess here, but the switch was best for her little family. It isn't easy to switch jobs. It takes a leap of faith that the new job will be acceptable. This is true for all people, but it is a much bigger leap for a single mom.
People often tell me how they could never do what I do or that I have infinite patience with all these children. The truth is, I do lose my $*** on occasion, I get frustrated and I cry often. Even so, I came into this one at a time for the most part. I didn't have all of these children dropped into my lap at once. I learned, over many years, how to handle my brood. People have called me "brave" for taking a large group of children into public by myself. Truthfully, I never felt brave. It was necessity. I had no choice. I didn't gallantly decide to drag a bunch of crazy kids into the supermarket. Looking back, I suppose it is like the old saying, "Some are born great. Others have greatness thrust upon them." I don't think I was born brave, I had bravery thrust upon me. Divorce thrust bravery upon me. Bad decisions that resulted in a prison sentence (long story, but the sentence wasn't mine), thrust bravery upon me. Basic necessity thrust bravery upon me. Believe me when I tell you, I did not choose to be brave. I think this is basically true for all mothers. When your children are sick, injured, scared, or in danger, you have bravery thrust upon you. You have to be brave so your little one can power through.
There is one area of my life where I did, in fact, choose to be brave. I chose to try again. I chose to date, and man-o-man I am glad I did!
I also chose my businesses. That was intentional bravery. I am very glad I did that, as well.
As for my children, I am proud to be the strong mom they need, even if I didn't choose it.
Food for thought: don't tell a mom she is brave. Simply say, "Good work!" It means so much more than weird things strangers say. Yup, my hands are full. Yup, I am a busy woman. Blah blah blah. Tell me I am succeeding. It helps. Moms, I know it is hard. Hang in there. You got this!

Thanks for reading!


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