Dear Doc, A letter to pediatricians.

Dear Doctor treating me like a new mom,
I have 8 children. I have been in the pediatrician's office a LOT. It is hard for me to find a doctor that I like. I am giving you a chance on my quest for good doctors and you are failing me. I get that you went to school forever and a day but I am not an idiot.
Yes, I know the general guidelines for child development and I have since child number three.
When I tell you that my fifth child is hyperactive or overly emotional, it is because he is #5! It is not normal 6 year old behavior. I had four others that were nuts, but within "normal".
Number 8 is huge for his age. I know this because he is bigger than the other seven were who were high on the scale but still on it.
My kid is sick. I know this because I have seen this illness starting before.
To the ER doctor who didn't listen to me when I said, "I am pretty sure it is the croup" and 3 hours later tells me it is in fact croup: you could have saved us both a lot of time if you had listened to me! I have dealt with this illness numerous times and I know that sound.
I don't take my kids to the doctor for every little thing because I am a very experienced Mom. If I am concerned about something, it is usually something to be concerned with.
I understand that occasionally I am wrong and it is less serious than I think it is. I love it when that happens. I really do. That means my kid is okay. The time my kid fell and I heard the thud of her head on the pavement, I freaked out and I was relieved when it was not as serious as I expected. When I say, I think ____ is the problem, could you humor me and test for that first!? If I am right, we are done here. Treat that and we can go home. If I am wrong, we only wasted a few minutes checking it out. Plus, you are getting paid either way!
Listen to my concerns and entertain the idea that I may be right. Also, tell me when I am wrong. Tell me why I am wrong. Don't automatically assume I am wrong. Even though I didn't go to med school, I still have 14 years of higher education.
Thank you for your time.
The experienced mom who isn't nearly as dumb as you think.

I am so glad that I have found a great pair of peds and I can stop looking! Since we own our home, I don't have to worry about moving and finding a new doctor. My 14 years of parenthood have been excruciating in the doctor department. I took my almost two year old son in a while back because of some weird night time behavior. The doctor told me that it was, in fact, unusual and to give it some time. I listened. The behavior started spilling into waking hours and the doc did some tests and we see the neurologist at the end of the month. He didn't treat me like I was overreacting or don't know what I am talking about. He listened to me. He realizes that I know my child and the "normal" range of behavior. He was suspicious enough of said behavior to get more information and call in the big guns. Thank you Doctor Wonderful.
Mrs. Doctor Wonderful is my girls' doctor. She eases my older daughters' concerns and listens to me about symptoms and behavior that I find out of the ordinary. My boys get a guy doc I am comfortable with and my girls get a gal doc that they are more comfortable with. Yay!! I am a happy Mama.
Now, if MY new doc is as good, we are all set. I would hate to go back to driving two hours to see my favorite doctor of all time who knows me and understands I know my body and listens to me. He recommended my new doc so I trust her. So far, so good!

Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your quest for great medical care. Never be afraid to find a new doctor!! Be comfortable with your medical professional and the fact that you are getting the very best care for you AND your kiddos.


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