Your feminism is ruining my life!

Let me start by saying,  I am glad that women have equal rights and all that. Second, let me say, I did not ask for this.
I am a pretty traditional woman. I am perfectly content taking care of our home and family. My work is generally a favor to someone. I babysit in the afternoons for a friend who is getting back on her feet. If you have read my other posts, you know that I am a CFO. That is a favor. I do it because I know how to do all of the administrative tasks required of me and I don't charge a ton. My friend needed help with a start-up. It is awesome that I don't have to rely on my husband for every single thing, but I could. 
In the past, as a stay at home mom, I have gotten all kinds of crap about my choice to do so. I don't NEED to work. I have a full time (and then some) job with the kids and the house. My husband makes enough for our family. I don't get bored. I don't feel guilty. I get a great sense of accomplishment every day without leaving the house. For the extremists: I AM NOT LAZY! I work my tail off every single day. Staying home does not make that less true.
I am a woman. I have long hair. I enjoy wearing dresses. I am uncomfortable without a bra. I don't need to work next to or compete with a man to feel important. I wouldn't say that I am a "girly girl" but I do like to feel feminine. I still believe that some things are "man's work". I am capable of doing these things on my own. I don't NEED a man to feel whole. I simply believe that some things are just more suited to strong men. I don't need a man to open jars, but sometimes I need him to open sippy cups. I don't need a man to hang pictures, but the seven inches he has on me make that a job more suited to him. I don't need a man to change my oil but he sure is better at it. I don't need a man to carry heavy thing but it is much faster than me trying to drag (literally drag) stuff out of the garage.
For all of you women who have chosen the career path or need to work, I tip my hat to you. I admire your strength. I just don't want to be expected to do the same things you do. Everyone out there telling me I need to do as a man does: ZIP IT. This type of feminism makes it nearly impossible for the traditional wife and mother to be who she is.
Hurray for Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Thank you for all you have done for women's suffrage in this country. My applause to Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel for fighting for our right to wear pants. Gloria Steinem, you are amazing. To all of these ladies: You go girl! These die hard gals make me proud to be a woman.
Even with these role models I don't care to do all that men do. Yes, I get it. Women like me negate all of the incredible things these ladies have accomplished for women's rights. I am glad those rights are available to those who are interested, but I didn't ask for it. I am a registered voter by the way. I do take advantage of that. I am not living in the 20's but I don't believe that my decision to wear a dress in public or personally raise my children sets women's rights back! I won't be burning any bras. Those things cost money and I like my bras. (There was no actual fire by the way. Thank you Snopes for that clarification.) I don't want my kids raised by strangers or a nanny, or anyone but me for that matter.

I don't discourage women from living their lives differently than I do, but for the love of all that is holy, will you please stop expecting it from ALL women! Let me be June Cleaver and I won't stop you from being Shulamith Firestone.

*Note: The ladies I have mentioned here are truly remarkable women. If you haven't heard of them or don't know what they did, I strongly encourage you to look them up. These are just a few. There are many other women that have contributed to women's lib.*

Thanks for reading!


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