My "kid free" weekends

I am about to make a 7 hour ride to a friend's wedding. My husband and I will be going without the children. The last time I was "kid free" is the weekend I met my husband. By now you are wondering why I am putting those words in quotes. Here is why: when I leave my children behind, an hour or a weekend, I am never really without them. Last summer my kidless weekend was filled with texts and calls from/about my children. I enjoy drinking occasionally. I could have done just that. I did not. I had two drinks with my parents before my brothers wedding and a glass of champagne after. No responsibility and I took no advantage.
Now, as I prepare for this long trip, I am certain, I will do the same. I will check on my children often. I will drink little or no alcohol. I will likely be very quiet. I will be surrounded by people I have never met. My husband will know half of them very well. I will show very little of my true self. The man getting married is a college friend of my brother and my husband. The bride is starting to freak out and my personality is not good in those situations. I am loud and opinionated and I am pretty good at conversing with strangers. I told my husband all of my secrets the night I met him. I am basically kryptonite for average women. I am not afraid of much! Now I am rambling. I will save that for another post. 
My point is, that even when my children are not with me, they are always with me. Someday, my children will be grown and I may let go of that, but what if they need me? What if something happens? Sigh. I guess I am doomed to be the responsible adult forever! I am okay with that.


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