Is this guy wearing pants?

I recently had an interesting conversation with some friends. He has a job that allows him to work from home a good portion of the time. The lovely Mrs. in this couple told a story. She came down the stairs one morning. He was on a conference call... in his boxers. His lack of modesty is admirable to me. Of course,  only his wife knew what he was wearing (or not) but I am compelled to wear pants. Most of the time mine are of the yoga variety. My official job title is CFO. I don't make six figures. I work for a small company with less than remarkable revenue. The magic of working for a very small start-up is that I can work from home. The company doesn't need an office or a face. Most of our business is conducted by phone, fax, email, or postal mail. I can stay in my jammies all day and some days, I do. 
How many people who work from home don't wear pants? How many times have I called someone "at work" who was shushing a noisy child or just getting out of the shower or cooking dinner? I guarantee that my friend is not the only one who isn't dressed the way you imagine the person with whom you are conducting business. If you call me, there is a good chance I am doing laundry in yoga pants or pajamas. Now that I have put this in your head, every call you make will have you asking yourself, "Is this guy wearing pants?"


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