5 reasons people love list style blogs

My usual posts are full of realities. Most things I talk about are things that are just now being said out loud or in public forums. I decided to cover the lighter side with this one. I would say that 70% of the blog posts I read are lists. I know that this is pretty true for a lot of you as well. Here are my top 5 reasons why that is:

1. Time. I am a crazy busy person so I can read the main idea of listed points in a minute or two. They are usually the first sentence of each point. I get the idea in less time.
2. Navigation.  Some bloggers babble or get off topic (myself included) and it is often hard to find the point or follow a blog that veers off into randomness.
3. Entertainment.  Sometimes I don't need or care to know the reason for the point. Back stories can get lengthy.
4. Attention span. Reading a giant post (especially if it isn't broken into paragraphs) can quickly become tedious.
5. Ease. Lists are less likely to use language that is hard for an average person to understand. I don't want to stop and look up a bunch of words I haven't seen before.

Now that you know WHY you love lists, read on and get your fill!


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