"once you see this you will never..." Yes I will.

I keep seeing posts about how everything is bad for you and "once you see this you will never..." Truth is, I will. My entire life I have been eating/drinking/doing things that are gross if you have all the facts or dangerous or generally bad for you. I have no desire to be 100- or outlive my usefulness for that matter. I don't want to live in a vegetative state or lose my grip on reality as dementia sets in. I want to see my 50th anniversary and meet my grandchildren, but I am happy with what I have accomplished. I don't need a bucket list or immortality. I want to LIVE the years I have and never wonder about what I didn't do. I will enjoy what I have and when it is my time I will have these things to comfort me: I sacrificed when I needed to, I made mistakes, I got hurt, BUT God never left my side, I have given generously, I got to be a mother, I have given and received true love, I have known amazing friendship, and over all, I lived life MY way. I had experiences and I made memories. If I die tomorrow, all of those things are true.I hope I have made proper amends to those I have wronged. For the rest of my days, I will live with NO fear, NO regrets, and TONS of delicious soda and fast food that may (or probably won't in the slightest) be the death of me!


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