"Don't grow up too fast." 10 reasons I should have listened to my mother.

My mom used to tell me not to be in such a hurry to grow up. She never told me why... Here it is! 
1. Work is just that: work. Not everyone can get their dream job and every job requires work of some sort. I love computers and math, those things still put strain on my eyes and my hands. The kids are wonderful (mostly) but carrying a 30 pound toddler on my hip hurts my back like crazy. Then there is stress. Don't get me started.
2. Paying bills sucks. No question about it. Sometimes there isn't any extra for the things you want. Sometimes there isn't enough money to pay the necessary bills and you have to figure it out. 
3. Boys never grow up. Sorry boys. This goes for the little girls too. If someone acts like a child, they may never stop. Boys always want their toys and girls always want attention. Know the kid games so you can stay out of them. 
4. If you can't sleep you still have to get up in the morning. Neighbors too loud? Too bad. You are a grown up now and your job is expecting you to show up. 
5. Cleaning a whole house is much harder than just your room (imagine cleaning up after 7 of you!). How many rooms are there where you live? Wasn't it sweet when you only had one room to clean? No more unless you have a studio apartment and even those contain elements of all the rooms you need. 
6. Dishes and laundry only stay done for 10 minutes at a time. Unless you do laundry naked and only use paper plates and microwavable food (which gets really expensive) you will end up with more dirty clothes and dishes. 
7. That furry pet you want so bad will leave hair all over the darn place (including your clean laundry and maybe dishes). I have two cats. Their favorite place to sleep is the basket of clean clothes or the corner of the chocolate brown couch. The white hair is EVERYWHERE. Let's not forget that pets also require attention, food, water, waste removal, and medical care. 
8. The TV shows you love are hard to watch with everything else going on. After work is over, how do you unwind? Do you just slump down on the couch and watch your shows? Do you go to the club or a quiet bar with friends? Maybe you just take a hot shower or bath and go straight to bed? Decisions, decisions.
9. The kids you want so badly, change EVERYTHING! If you want more details, check out " http://tmilauri.blogspot.com/2015/03/11-examples-of-hard-everyone-said.html "
10. It is nearly impossible to maintain a wardrobe that fits properly unless you keep every size imaginable in your closet! Unless you eat exactly the same thing and participate in the same activities every single day (and ladies, never have a period) you are probably not going to always be the exact same size. You clothes will not always fit. Be prepared.

Being an adult is hard work. The physical AND mental stress can really add up. Most of us didn't really hear the "don't be in a hurry to grow up". It is vague and we assumed it was parents overreacting. Kids, here are the specifics. Parents, don't be vague.

Any questions?


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